Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of activities does PAWS promote?
A: We support all areas of dog training and competition.  Our club members do Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Dock Diving, Herding as well as other activities.

Q: What venues does the club sponsor events?

Q: What type of events does the club sponsor?
A: Obedience, Rally-O and Agility currently, with more to come as the club grows.

Q: How often does the club meet?
A: At this time the club meets at least 4 times a year for meetings, sometimes more.  Please refer to our events page for details on upcoming club meetings.

Q: How do I become a member of PAWS Dog Club?
A: Anyone interested in joining the club will need to attend and participate in 2 Paws events.  You can attend 2 meetings or volunteer to work at a trial or match.